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chipping away.

Chipping Away.
Here I am chipping away at these clapboards outside this place that was never there
And outside I hear the shattering of wood as it hits the ground that is not even there
And I want in
I am locked out
I am in need of something that I lost inside of a moment that has long been gone from me
Or was it ever there at all
For what am I doing inside of here without him
Or was he ever even real
And I am now struggling with these instant cobwebs left from those by gone days
Days of such agony
For he told me he was for real
But he never appeared here before me and he told me that if I ever figured a way inside of these locked up moments
That he would be here to carry me there
There inside of a shackled moment surrounded by tears of all those yesterdays spent lying in wait for him to regain entrance here
But where in the hell am I

jo forstrom.

© 2018, jo forstrom. All rights reserved.

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jo forstrom
i am me just me.

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