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A Tethered Journey


Written By John P. Rick Boyle

Between the eyes of another dream.. I saw..
The dawn and eve of another world afar..
Void distance mid direction.. And restless awe..
Barred from my reach… Ere my senses sat ajar..

Nere there one cloud above.. Nor warm streams to flock..
Only droplets gathering ‘neath shadow’s veils..
‘Gainst briny sky and stars… Amidst bed of rock…
Twas in mine mind I thought ~ ‘Pon wandering trails..

A storied horseman .. ‘Pon a tethered journey…
An immortal grave face mocking undaunted …
Put forth ‘tween the half seas… Of the eyes I see..
O’er where my head lies.. Where dreams are forbid..

Yet still… Now awake… Stunned by my rabid heart..
No cause.. Have I to dream ~ Of this I part…

© 2018, John (Rick) Boyle. All rights reserved.

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2 Comments on "A Tethered Journey"

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jo forstrom

you write from another time and place
a time of quills for there were no pens back inside of there
you are a remarkable poet
love your way with words
always the pen of shakespeare comes on down through the ages and speaks to you.