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Gazing Towards Eternity


Written By John P. (Rick) Boyle

The good ~ The bad…
The terrible times…
The hurt ~ The pain…

Precious memories..
Many lost and found..
Tears broken… And mended..

Many trials and errors..
Yet she still remains..’
So beautiful to me..

Will this old earth….
Ever really see….
What true love is..

No one knows better…
Then all of nature…
That has fought so hard..

To stay forever together..
Heart to heart with the earth..
Spinning endlessly off in space..

Not once looking back..
Towards the good nor bad..
Gazing only ~ Towards eternity.

As an amazing sun… Shines
Always warm… Down upon them..
Lighting up a long unbroken path..

To the many rewards ahead.
Between the hard work and rest..

© 2018, John (Rick) Boyle. All rights reserved.

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