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Trust Me.

Trust Me.
And I am harpooned and slayed inside of a place where jagged edges of broken glass are
As inside of here I pitter patter around and back and forth
For I was told to trust him
and he became that evil listener of me as he practiced how to turn me into a pawn of his own
His very own trophy for he delighted in his ways of taking me away from my self
He was a fiend
A blood thirsty tyrant that ruled with a double edged sword
so that when it became aimed down here at me I would tremble and dance to his morbid ways
But I believed he was for real but he never was
Just a keen observer who waited for the time to be ripe and then he would pounce on me until I shuddered inside of me
out of total fear of what would happen next
He was a thief of the heart
A violent beast
One of a kind for he was a disease that would not be stopped for he was immuned to his own hand made environment that he unleashed upon me
It was a game
A deadly non stop relentless chase to own me
To become his victim he chose to drain my emotions out of me so that I would never come to be aware of his evil scheme called truest me
‘”For would I ever lie to you?”
‘I am of love.”
“You belong to me.’’
‘”I chose you for my very own
and I love you.”
And as he was saying this a swift and violent wind came and blew me inside of a kingdom not known to exist.
And as I was being crushed beneath the palm of his hand
His last words to me were
“Fool you were and are,
For I was never going to tell you the truth about anything.
And now I perish you inside of all lost places to suffer forever more to come.’
And the beast turned and walked away inside of the jet blacked out night.

jo forstrom.

© 2018, jo forstrom. All rights reserved.

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jo forstrom
i am me just me.

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