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A Hearty Universe



Written By John P. (Rick) Boyle

Somewhere there is ~ A hearty universe…
Sweet refreshed… Mid mornings reflecting dreams…
Beyond the pale lantern.. and its dim woven curse..
A distant eye that lies…. Mid shivering streams…

Grazing upon thee seamlessly ~ With respect….
Whilst living without… Fetching my sighing breath..
That a trendy forest doth stop to inspect..
Amongst the incense of songs surpassing death..

A cosmic creation… Be there ~ Harvested by none..
Left alone…. A divine mirror of thyself…
Never to be spoken of….. Except by one..
Yet perhaps a baited trap ~ Placed ‘pon a shelf..

A night gone away.. Beyond barely tender…
A day spent wisely… Only by it’s lender..

© 2018, John (Rick) Boyle. All rights reserved.

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