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Once Upon A Day

*By Ricky L. Mohl Sr.*

A chantilly morning, taste the smiling sun,
Criss cross the window, satin web is spun.
Flowers in the garden, breath of sweet air,
Pockets full of pennies, sees me anywhere.

A springtime step, arises summer delight,
Fair winds blowing, sun still smiles bright.
Dogs bark distant, a minute, maybe more,
Tendency to do that, sure as rain will pour.

Balloons reflecting, every one a cherry red,
Birds dance together, lazy circles overhead.
Sidewalk hopscotch, laughter fills a rhyme,
A train whistle echoes, happens every time.

The day stretches on, time is of no matter,
Lion’s tooth finds a gust, seeds will scatter.
Walking hand in hand, steal a graceful kiss,
Seeing some of that and doing some of this.

Westward strays the sun, ocean water cries,
Clouds will glide, shrouded moon does rise.
A darkness thickens, colors of monochrome,
The streetlights guide, takes me to my home.

A chantilly evening, taste the smiling moon,
Drip drop the window, rainfall come to soon.
Flowers in the orchard, smell the scent of air,
Lockets full of pictures, finds me even there.

Ricky L. Mohl Sr.
December 19, 2017

© 2018, Ricky Mohl. All rights reserved.

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I am married and have three children. Poetry is a way to express who I am, what I am and
why I am.

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