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Through soft dreams

Through the rapture, soft dreams

She remembers~~~~~~~~~

Through the rapture, soft dreams
Silvery candles dawn the eclipse morn
Casting through loves trembling kiss
Roundels fill the open airs fragrant mystery

My soul cased in soft embers of adorn love
Capsules in the lining trimmed in hidden legions ecstasy
In celestial turrets lay nesting in my cherubim eyes, everlasting
Thronged in air sit many angels lights

Passion voice, rippled hard
Hearts doth , watered deep
Till sunset I shall you feel you slumber sweet
Winged heralds realms of glory

Among each magical kiss
Such a union of two souls , to each shall be explained
Enduring suffering, pain
One gleaming teardrop diamond kiss
Among the precious gifts of life

Is to know true love
Inscribed to the light tears fall gently
Within reach his heart
Among the treasures humanity breathes

It burns more brightly, auras sign
Stunning, angels calming tranquil design
As a warm November Rain, washes my memories
I kiss his love

© 2017, Deborah Shepard. All rights reserved.

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Beautifully romantic, poetry from the soul 🌟


Awesome! Love this one Deborah! Hugs


Ahhhhhhh very sensual! Loved this!