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Love can be explained pt.3 finale

Part 3
Well your back so I guess you don’t see it yet.
I’ll try my best this time around.
Open your mind, open your chest.
Love can be explained….
Do I need to tone it down?
Well let’s look at the smaller things,
The things noticed but often overlooked.
Love can be explained….
Love is when you wake up and smile,
Noticing the way her hair surrounds her face.
So you run your fingers through it.
Love can be explained….
Love can be an unfamiliar feeling,
Like a soft shock to whole of your being,
Controlled by the way she smiles.
Love can be explained….
Love is reoccurring everyday, over and over.
Like walking circles in a dark room,
A circle that never finds its way to itself.
Love can be explained….
Love is a kiss you have never tasted.
Yet the flavor is intoxicating, addicting.
Body detoxing when it’s been too long.
Love can be explained….
Love is opening the door and watching her walk through,
Placed in a trance by the way her hips move,
And the depth of her stare?
Can love be explained?….
We think we can figure it out, catch it even,
But tomorrows love is different, right?
It feels different every day.
Can love be explained?…
Is it possible to fall in love every day,
I’m not exactly sure anymore,
Maybe there’s more to it?
Can love be explained?….
I think we fall deeper in love daily,
Like the drop on a roller coaster,
You know it’s coming, but it can’t be stopped.
Can love be explained?…..
I know I’ll wake up every day waiting,
Waiting for all the little things.
Things I love and can’t image being without.
Can love be explained??????
I’m not sure it can be. We will all find that moment
In life where we know we are in love, and for some reason
Every time we think we are close to solving one of
The world’s biggest mysteries, the day ends,
A new day begins, you wake up, look at the one lying
Next to you, and realize your falling in love again.
Or is it just ever changing, knowing it’s being sought after,
Fooling even the sharpest of intelligence. If you love
Someone, and that person kisses you with a softness
That weakens the strongest man’s knees, your body
Shifts, and there it is, the feeling one only gets when
They know their life has changed, the feeling of love.
I guess the point is that if you can honestly describe
What the feeling looks like, then the world is waiting.
We need you to help paint a picture.
Or we can all stop trying to find something that obviously
Has its own secrets. And just embrace the best feeling man
Can experience, yet never recreate. My friends,
I’m sorry to inform you, if your trying to find what
The feeling of love can be described as, you have a
Very long journey ahead.
May I only suggest that we stop trying to figure
Out what love and the feelings associated with it
means to us, and just look in front of yourself,
You can see that feeling in her eyes.
You can taste it in her kiss.
You can hear it in her breath.
Explain it? I don’t think so……
Love cannot be explained……

© 2017, John Boyle. All rights reserved.

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3 Comments on "Love can be explained pt.3 finale"

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Great end to what in reality there is no end… Smiles… Love you being in love… :)


A great ending! It’s superbly romantic!