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Love can be explained pt. 2

Part 2
So now you have had the time to think ,
Have you caught a glimpse yet in your own life?
Weather in a relationship, husband, or wife?
Love can be explained….
Let me try to paint a different picture,
A letter from a man to a woman.
Left while she played in her dreams.
Love can be explained….
Hi Baby, My Love, I’m writing you this letter
because you look so beautiful and peaceful
while you were sleeping. But I didn’t want to wake you.
Where to start, I swept off your car when I moved it.
Yes your daughter was on time to school,
and yes I did remember to run my fingers through your hair,
Tucking some behind your ear, smelling your neck… mmmmm!
I love it!
Yes I kissed you Softly on the lips, looked at you for a moment,
whispered I love you and your ear, and kiss you softly again.
I can’t wait to hear your voice today, call me when you can.
I love you! Can’t wait to see you again !
Yours truly, ??????????
Love can be explained……
Does that open any lost doors in the mind?
Have you ever left someone you love while they sleep?
Have you ever missed them before you said goodbye?
Love can be explained….
I know not much of an explanation,
Thought I might through an example your way.
If that didn’t give you an idea of what love is,
Then I’ll see you in part 3 of….
Love can be explained….

© 2017, John Boyle. All rights reserved.

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2 Comments on "Love can be explained pt. 2"

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Great writing John! Hugs


Very thoughtfully penned, John! I enjoyed it, identifying with missing him before I even leave, yes!
Nice poem!