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Harvest Full Moon


 Maxine Pierre

A huge grin all over your face

You’re so full of yourself Harvest Moon

Spying down on the soon to be deserted beach

Ready to wave goodbye to Summer soon

Brighter than the streetlight on my road

You anticipate shaking hands with the fall

As you maneuver yourself across the dark sky

Not your average Mr. know-it-all

Sir Harvest, you introduce the colder days

Prepare us for fallen crispy hues of leaves

Branches of trees now barely dressed

Starting to miss summer we begin to grieve

You laugh as you think of Halloween

Smarty pants, wipe that smile off your face

Looking forward you are to the bitter winter

With icicles on trees, snow all over the place

Summer will remain in my thoughts

So take your intentions with you along with your glow

Hot cocoa, warm clothing will help get us through

Harvest moon you’re not the least bit funny you know





© 2016 – 2017, Maxine Pierre. All rights reserved.

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Maxine Pierre
I enjoy expressing myself through poetry..making crafts;knitting, sewing..taking walks at the beach..and love even the simplest things in life.

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Pagan Paul

Nicely penned Maxine. Welcome to the site :)