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A New Dawn

Created By Allysha Dawn St.Clair

images-31                                       A trilogy of man,

I now take my stand.

Light is my being,

I Am tomorrow, I Am today.

I Am innovatively creating NOW from a space of Love and Trust.

Walking on my hands, I Am the bridge.

Connection to all worlds,

Manifestation CLEAR!

Integration of body and Spirit.

Dissapation of blocked Remembrance,

Merge Now, Divine self.

I Am…THATimages (11)I Am.


© 2016 – 2017, Allysha St Clair. All rights reserved.

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Allysha St Clair

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Sooo beautiful! Wow


beauty amazing insight personna

John (Rick) Boyle

I think of a new dawn every time I see you writing and sharing these great poems.. :)