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Pagan Paul’s Personal Photo for Posting


This is Paul’s Personal Photo to use as a featured Photo if none other photo is chosen as a poem image.

Please use it as needed from now on.

You may choose another photo  as your personal image instead of this one.

Thanks, Cheryl

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I love writing & reading others poems as well
I was a teaching missionary to South Pacific,but I am retired now and newly married again.
Blessings to All !

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Pagan Paul
I don’t really like this picture. How do I chose my own? You gave the option on a post but didn’t give time for people to respond or how to chose and inform you. I’ve had trouble accessing site over weekend (message on PP as I kept getting timed out here and couldn’t message you here). Personally I’d rather have it so I post a poem on the site with a pic and it stays here. I don’t see the point of the thumbnails. IF it has to be linked in then I’d quite like time to find my own… Read more »