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My Living Room Teepee


I can hear when the forest calls,
but until I can visit redolent pines
by a warm crackling fireside
sitting in embellished imagination,
recollections of former nights,
under skies brushed with silent bling,
stars arcing across the midnight heavens
breathing aromatic earth fragrances
and pretend I am there already;

my vivid imagination writing
upon tablets of a memory diary,
every precious moment spent
in wild woodland refuge
to save for delicious days
when all I can do is to sit inside my
imaginary living room teepee
and believe I’m really there.

There’s nothing to keep me from
enjoying the forest,but myself.
And I’m far too unwilling
to forego an adventure
than to sketch the trees
lake and waterfall
and hang it from
the altar of my mind
my self satisfying trip to
woodland nirvana

© 2016 – 2017, Cheryl Koomoa. All rights reserved.

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I love writing & reading others poems as well
I was a teaching missionary to South Pacific,but I am retired now and newly married again.
Blessings to All !

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Beauty love this you took my heart on adventure

Michael Hibbard

Excellent poem, my sweet. Does this mean that I need to erect a teepee in the living room?😂. Bookmarked and 5 stars.