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Castle Garden

Castle Garden

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dry ivy vines~ climb castle walls
echoes hollow~ darkened halls
peering through~ a blurry vase
gently choking~ blooming grace

lonely garden~ locked in time
years of waste~ a rusted chime
faded dreams~ of cooling rain
desert fountain~ waits in vain

vacant bench~ moss covered stone
withered branches~ overthrown
years of drought~ no bird does sing
a plum tree cracked~ no flowering

gray shadow where~ a prince did lay
hardened heart~ made from the clay
slamming heavy~ dungeon door
a princess tear~ falls to the floor

window stained~ with empty eyes
Sun gleaming through~ to fragile cries
See beyond~ dark fortress walls
Hear the voice~ of One who calls

Gaze ahead~ look not behind
Seek to find~ the One True Vine

A Vibrant Garden~ Fresh and Green
The Living Stream~ is Glistening
Sipping Honey~ Giving Tree
Spring to Life~ Eternally.

┬ęCyndi Maria Jesse

2005 All Rights Reserved

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© 2016 – 2017, Cyndi Maria Jesse. All rights reserved.

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beautiful love it