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Reunion Of souls

images-8                                                                                                                           Created by Allysha Dawn St. Clair   When I look into your eye’s,

I can see your very soul

The warmth of your compassion,

And the love in your heart.

Hello my old friend, It’s wonderful to see you again!

In comes a flood of remembrance of one another..

We sit comfortably in a familiar embrace.

Speaking with our eyes,

Two pieces of the oneness puzzle,

images-44                    Reunited, conscience co-creation begins.

© 2016 – 2017, Allysha St Clair. All rights reserved.

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Allysha St Clair

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we miss you, been praying for you and me too. we will get through rough times even though it’s hard at the time! hugs!
your poetry shines as always! so nice to reconnect!