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Serendipity isles



  Cotton puffle clouds

Parade by single file
Holding precious treasure inside
Carrying smells of flowers
Perfume for my hair

Oceanic Dreams

Shimmer sheen of azure
Waves that carry love
Undulating waves of passion
Salt spray in my face


Moving waves set in time
Gliding o’er coral reef
I love to make them mine
Becoming one with the sea


Sitting on boards like ducks in a row
Waiting for just the right time
Paddle fast and make it glide
Taking off and gliding past
Turning hard into a wave
Kissing the wall caressing it’s face
Emotional thrill as it takes me along
I feel like a note in refrain of a song


Clouds and sea meet on vast horizon
Billowing sails turn dark with rain
Ocean painted in stormy surrender
Moods are violent and restless’
the sea is master today
clouds softly sweep it tenderly
the sun hides in shadows
waiting with expectancy

I am one with all, whether fair or stormy day
Surfing on the large sheets of shimmer
Glidng down the face of her waves
Wiping out in turbulent surrender
Surfacing to take in perfumed air
In all this I will remember
You are searching for me out there


Turquoise shimmering
Swelling undulations, sigh
Swaying hips and palms
Mystical music strumming
Serendipitous isles

© 2016 – 2017, Cheryl Koomoa. All rights reserved.

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8 Comments on "Serendipity isles"

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Robert Haigh

A very vivid, descriptive write, poetically sewn together! A delightful poem, Cheryl!


Well that’s one of the easiest 5 star and bookmarked I have ever given, just beautiful poetry, your collection here whether storm or love are all Cotton puffle clouds to me, loved every word my friend :)


Thank you Cheryl, you’ll always have my love and admiration for being you, so much do I bless you my friend :)


beautifully penned so vivid the souls words lovit