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Amidst A Mighty Innocence



I want to walk aside a restless…. yet.. 
Gentle spoken brook… With a smile as wide.. 
As the surrounding forest trees ~ Are tall.. 
I want to hear the voice that comes from..

Within a outstretched meadow… Mid fountains
 Blossoming into ~ A crowning affair..
 I want to feel my palm.. Pressed against..
 A level and polished… Smooth flowing breeze..

 As it lifts me amidst its mighty innocence…
 I want a piece of the peaceful life.. 
Within the visions of a guiding white light.. 
From a watch tower.. Aimed at a single dove.

 Unblemished and seaworthy ~ Able to stride..
 Upon the tides.. Of the warmth deep within..



© 2016, John (Rick) Boyle. All rights reserved.

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4 Comments on "Amidst A Mighty Innocence"

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lovely poem Rick! five stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️


5 and booked and to repeat your comment on my poem I think I’ll join you too, lovely writing Rick :)