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The Naked Truth

Wandering in labyrinths of seeking,
her thoughts gather in morbid clouds,

She marches forward
in morose speculations of her self worth,
 in this quest to know, in her troubled heart,
while thirsting for answers,

She can find no rest…..

Finding a  long corridor in the journey
within her mind, she faces herself
at a new portal of emotion,
through the mirrors dark glass.

The mirrors dark deception,
a naked illusion masking all reality,
staring at a mystery magnified to confuse.

” What is the meaning?” she morosely thinks.

Seeking truth in this dark maze,
she tenaciously must find the answers.

She maneuvers her thoughts,
left right, left, right,
marching in blind agony.
Rest isn’t found.,
face to face in the mirror of doubt.

“Where can I find it?” she wails.

The hazy mirror of her heart
beckons her to step through
the portal of self discovery,
finding herself stripped naked,
devoid of the binding deception,
every shred of psyche ripped,
naked emotions and bleeding,
she faces her true pure thoughts
as the answer to her quest bleeds through.

” To Thyself be true”
Peace is finally found.

© 2016, Cheryl Koomoa. All rights reserved.

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I love writing & reading others poems as well
I was a teaching missionary to South Pacific,but I am retired now and newly married again.
Blessings to All !

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8 Comments on "The Naked Truth"

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Love this one Cheryl, 5star and booked, seems to be you searching within and finding the answer, could this be inspired by your health problems now? Just my thoughts that may be wrong, bless you my friend I pray still :)

Michael Hibbard

Excellent write my sweet. Full of imagery and very well written. Loved it.


love it

Robert Haigh

Interesting thoughts, poetically put forth, Cheryl! Self-doubt is part of the human condition, I think. Peace of mind is a great prize to win, but it is often only gained after a long, hard battle.