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Rose lithe

Waking in your arms , ancient snow-drapes
Endless seashores , you call my heavenly name, my darling
Beyond the reaches of sands in jasmine light, caressed in red velvet awning
My longing eyes, see thee in prelim shadows

Beauty in my angels wings , he shall hold me close
To each brocade bell shall ring
To dusty mirror shedding my equine
Come what may , to my Rose lithe

Shall the mornings bring sweet treasures?

Whilst thou break my heart?
All feathered brightest gemstones, Each waking part
Sacred reunion laced auras, I feel you, this I shall miss
Renaissance Fayre, kiss

See the blue lighted halls, Do you remember my darling all of this?
It captures forever in my soul silvery kiss
Lyrics carry my forever love, Gems streamed in Aquaria
Romance ,laced with moon dreams

© 2016, Deborah Shepard. All rights reserved.

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I Love angels, Faye.I love astral travel..portals change.I love long walks on the beach.I am Virgo sending love and light

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beautifully written romance! I’ve got a question about how the word equine fits in. that’s affection for horses. it baffled me in reading. a five star poem!


Pure romance and such gorgeous imagery a 5star poem all the way :)

Michael Hibbard

Very romantic, Deborah. Nicely written.