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Mosaic Upon Marble

The world is so…. Very full of color
You can’t see what there is under…
Unless you look between their story lines..
Where there is much talk about nothing..
While somebody sleeps… Waiting for a chance..
To hold on to a day that does not turn away..
Into the face of colors… That seem to stay..
Standing under the thunder ~ Born from…
Far away and down under a gaping sea..
Forever in need… Of a castles cutting edge..
Amidst a mind… That comes and goes…
In what seems… Sometimes never…
Searching for a moment ~ A while away..
Mid a complexion with a hue of shade..
Where simply hands lay….Once again..
I lost her one day…. Running through the fields..
Fields that were golden ~ Beyond all colors..
Mosaic upon marble…. Bell shaped with beads..
But then I realized ~ It was I that was lost…
Lost mid a minds world.. So full of colors..

© 2016, John (Rick) Boyle. All rights reserved.

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8 Comments on "Mosaic Upon Marble"

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Pagan Paul

Very lovely write site commander! Enjoyed the read. Gold stars.


I couldn’t see it …it was partially hidden by the right side. 😞

Michael Hibbard

I’m with Richard on this one. 5 star and bookmark. Excellent write Rick.


5stars and bookmarked a fabulous write :)