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In Every Season


Thaw these frozen icicles that cling
from when we fell in love in the Spring
hold onto cold silence of hidden emotion
freezing desire and total devotion
but,spring blossoms love, now be reborn
cold hardened ground, turning to warm.

Let love be newly planted, embraced, realigned
in the uniting joy in the warm Summer time
cultivate such a carefree, hot, loving romance
our loving hearts soar to just take a chance
sending virtual heatwave of high emotion
more love in us, than deepest blue ocean.

Temperatures cooling in the Fall
we kept warm by the thrill of it all
producing verses in love poetry
each stage changing our love fantasy
orange, ,yellows red,, the colors bleeding
feed this love, keep hope in us needing.

Winter began with such magical love
oaths of adoration, a gift from above
but reality froze solid, our fluidity
and our love was on trial in all it can be
hold on in the dark hours, keeping the hope
God will grant us love’s power of faith to cope

Believe that Love will carry us in every season
For love never fails and that is the reason
we can make love our greatest quest
surviving in love, overcoming each test.

© 2016, Cheryl Koomoa. All rights reserved.

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6 Comments on "In Every Season"

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Pagan Paul

Absolutely beautiful write Cheryl. One of my faves of yours :)

Gold stars all round!



Beautiful Cheryl the seasons of love with such amazing flow of words and rhymes to delight the eye, a 5 star bookmark, there is magic in the Drift’s today :)

Michael Hibbard

Absolutely beautiful Cher. Through every season, every test and trial, love will strengthen and overcome. I give this 5 stars and a bookmark.