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The Warrior

She started her battle filled with love and no armor,

Trusting her power from within.

Knowing in her pure heart,

Spirit overcomes sin.

She connected to source, as she always did.

Calling forth protection, and assistance to begin.


She stepped forward to face the battle,

Knowing she can win.

Pulling out the grandest tools,

She can only find within.


She reaches out her healing hand,

Filled with love towards her fellow man.

Longing to bring peace,

When suddenly, he grabs his knife and slices open her cheek.


This pain she felt to her unknown,

Overwhelmed her heart,

And rattled her to the bone.


She touched her wound and felt the blood,

Anger now consumed.

She looked at him with fury,

Now this man was doomed!


She knew she had to take his life,

Or hers’ was on the line.

Kill or be killed…

Suddenly flashed through her mind.


She now has taken a life,

The ultimate sin.

She can never forgive herself,

So she shuts down within.


She built up her armor,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Never to be taken off again.

Yet battle after battle it starts to wear thin.

The years continue to pass,

she remains undefeated…

Still reigns supreme.


One day she is to face the greatest enemy of them all,

He’ll surely take her down.

He knows the holes in her armor,

And wants to take her crown.


She looks at him with empty eyes,

Feeling tired and broken inside.

She drops her weapons to the ground,

He wins without defeat.


“the fight is over, The crown is yours… All I ever wanted was to be free!”

The Now defeated warrior,

broken and lost.

Peels off her armor,

Looking down in shame at years of  unhealed wounds.

Now showing the softness, she never allowed to shine through.

This wounded warrior,


To thine own heart be true.


© 2016, Allysha St Clair. All rights reserved.

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10 Comments on "The Warrior"

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Pagan Paul

The pic reminds me of Joan d’Arc.
The poem is lovely written Allysha.
I don’t believe its that easy to conquer a womans heart tho’.

Robert Haigh

In the end we all have to cast off our armour and face the world just as we are. I see this poem as a kind of allegory for all of us. Hail the warrior – in victory or defeat!


Wow! that would make one hell of a story Allysha because it’s a fantastic poem :)


I do wonder where you find art so well,that looks LIKE YOU? It’s uncanny and it’s outstanding overall! Oh how I enjoyed this!

Michael Hibbard

Captivating poem. Kept me engaged throughout the read. Provocative pictures enhanced the write. Excellent write.