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We started like most new lovers do on a journey of passion

Me…hoping it would last forever never dreaming it might end

Making love with one another was magical, blissful

Strong, yet sweet with tenderness

Such ecstasy and passion we shared, like none I’d ever known

Romance novels didn’t compare to our story

You said I was your goddess, your life’s blood…

So right, we were, we seemed to be so in sync

Our hearts beat as one in a passionate syncopated tune

I remember how we fit so perfectly – like two puzzle pieces

We met at an intimate café in Madera, a small quaint city in Italy

I was lazily sipping chinoto and eating pizza napolentana

I was so happy and excited – it was my first time abroad

You,on the other hand…had lived there all your life

A true Italian uomo, “un uomo molto interessante”

Which means, “He was a very interesting man”

I looked up and there you were- sitting at a small table across the room

Your gaze met mine as we smiled simultaneously at one another…

We left together

I was feeling quite lightheaded from it all

To my surprise, you took me to meet your relations

a group of robust, happy, family members, gathered together for a partito- which is Italian for party

It was kisses and flowers- we fell in love…so I thought

But I was wrong, something happened

Then suddenly…

You were gone – into the arms of another

leaving me with a sad, forgotten bud of love, of you and me


wishing you were standing where you used to be





© 2016, Patricia Murray. All rights reserved.

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Patricia Murray
I am a self-imposed writer and poet. I am retired.
I am widowed and have 2 grown children

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Robert Haigh

Such a sad tale. Romance gone sour is a bitter cup from which to drink… but many of us have been there. Thanks for sharing.