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You can dream about Heaven above
Or you can dream about a new love
Being special a king or a queen
For you`re never to old to dream

You might dream of a new car
Or that you get to meet a movie star
Dream of a beautiful new home
I sometimes dream when I`m alone

I close my eyes and day dream
Sometimes so real they seem
A dream is a wish in a way
It comes from your heart they say

Your never too old to dream don`t forget
It doesn’t matter how old you get
Day dreams can make you happy
You can be anyone you want to be

You can be with any one any where
Just dream and you will be there
Our dreams can take us many places
Leave us with happy smiling faces

Just find a quiet place and go to dream land
In your dreams you can do any thing you planned
Never stop dreaming, They can come true
I wish many happy dreams for you

© 2015, Dorothy Brockmeier. All rights reserved.

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Dorothy Brockmeier

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loved it

Robert Haigh

Anything is possible in dreams, it’s true. A charming write!