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The sign outside said,used books
and this is all that it took for me to go in and look around.
The door held a small bell and it was a welcome sound to me as I opened the door and went in.
The smell of old books surrounded me as I stood there silently looking around
and dust sort of rose as I began walking towards that first stack of books that were there on a small table in front of me.

It was then that I noticed that a man was there standing in front of an opened door,and he said,”if you need any help I am right here working on the press machine” and he turned around and closed the door leaving me all alone and so anxious to start looking through that first stack of books,

I looked through a few of them but found nothing that held my interest,
it was then that I heard a thumping like noise that seemed to come from right off to the side of where I stood. 

but stopped as quickly as it had started

and I walked off inside of a row of books, there were so many books there just waiting for me, and was high on the thought of finding something that I had been always looking for.

and as I reached up to get a book another one right above  the one I was trying for came down and bounced off my hand sending it onto the floor, and so I thought what to heck, why not,might just as well pick it up

It was covered with a layer of dust so I took my hand and swept it off,only to find that as soon as I cleared it off,more dust appeared, so I gave up and just opened the book,and to my horror hands reached out and grabbed me,and a voice said, “welcome ,you are the next chapter.'”


© 2015, jo forstrom. All rights reserved.

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Hope it is not a horror book!!  Smiles ~  Loved this Jo!!  :) :)