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My Landscape.


This is my own landscape

Only mine

There is nothing left but the wind

The rain,

And the rages of time

I sit out here on a plain,
a realm of my very own as I try to discover the whys of only me.

And why do I stay hidden deep inside and within these hidden passageways?

I do not want to be found

Life inside of here is brutal and the whispering sand now howls away as though it wants me to leave this deserted place that I have grown so accustomed to

But I shall never relinquish this hold that I have for this my own refuge

For I and I alone came inside of here and made it my own

Those hands that keep reaching out inside of here to take this me out of here shall never come to conquer me

For I shall sneak inside of my own shadow and remain forever stilled.
And he shall quickly leave this my place

For I am me.


© 2015, jo forstrom. All rights reserved.

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jo forstrom
i am me just me.

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