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What If Time Stood Still

Sheep under a tree near Dorset, England.

What If time stood still. Well if time stood still
Just think It would give us more time to deal
With all the problems that we face each day
And no new ones would ever come our way

No loved ones would die and leave this earth
But then no new babies,No one would give birth
For there would be no time for the healing`s
No new lovers, there`d be no time for feelings

Things would just remain as they are this minute
We could`nt achieve our dream or nothing within it
We would`nt be able to do anything, No time to shop
If time stood still, then all the clocks would stop

If it were dark ,we`d never again see sun shine
As the clocks would stop and we`d be frozen in time
I like it as it is, Just let the time keep moving along
I`ll take one day at a time, like they say in the song.

© 2015, Dorothy Brockmeier. All rights reserved.

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Dorothy Brockmeier

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16 Comments on "What If Time Stood Still"

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It truly would be a curse. Well planned,well thought through,well done!
Very nice! Hugs,Cheryl

Robert Haigh

Thought-provoking. We all wish we could make time stand still sometimes, but of course we can’t, and just as well too. Time is what it is. We can use it or waste it (we do both!), but as each second ticks by it is gone forever. I enjoyed the read.


Very nicely written. Poetry as it should be. Structured poetry will always be among my favorites, and this has all the elements right in place. I look forward to reading more of your works