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A Place.

I went to a place called wishful thinking

And there was a man standing there at the entrance gate
A funny sort of looking man I dare say

And so to that endless pointless point
He laughed at me and asked me if I was lost,

And there I stood bare face hanging out and I said,”whats so funny?”

And he turned around and said, “my dearest little one, there’s no such place and I think you are lost so scram.”

And so I turned around and there in front of me was this sign that said
If you have somehow come to stumble upon this place called wishful thinking,

stand still for three and a half heartblinks until you can determine if you are of sound mind,

and if you are then just stop and rethink the steps taken to get inside your very troubled mind.



© 2015, jo forstrom. All rights reserved.

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jo forstrom
i am me just me.

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Pagan Paul

:) the question and the answer are both in the same place. And we have all been there!
Good write.


I think I spent my entire life in that wishful thinking place, so you really spoke to me Jo, thanks for the great poem :)

Dorothy Brockmeier

A great write.